Our Story

Commitment to Combine

Technology Intuitiveness and Effectiveness

Established by a core team of dynamic IT & Automation experts, MyRetail Solutions is a combination of over 30 man-years of experience in developing, customizing and deploying reliably robust retail solutions.

Who We Are

At MyRetail Solutions, we use a combination of technology, knowledge and understanding of local sensitivities.

MyRetail Solutions Suite is conceived as a modular platform offering fully integrated and customizable suite of enterprise wide retail applications.
Our solutions help our customers realize Retail Automation that transforms their businesses into enduring commercial engines, equipped with unsurpassed efficiency to maximise competitiveness and profitablity. Our products are currently used by major retail chain stores, hypermarkets, supermarkets, convenience stores in Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore and Indonesia.

Front-End Point Of Sale (FPS)

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Backroom Management System (BMS)

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Centralised Management System (CMS)

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Data Collection System (DCS)

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