DATA COLLECTION SYSTEM (DCS) makes your total business process improvement a reality.

MyRetail DCS system enables organizations to collect and share real-time information between all points of a network and the supply chain as a whole. From receipt of materials to shipping of product and everything in between, your organization is empowered with the tools necessary to increase productivity, eliminate non value add activities, decrease operating costs and eliminate the potential for errors and waste.

Organizations are provided with a simplified, yet robust and affordable approach to
capturing, managing and executing mission critical manufacturing processes by offering the following MyRetail Solution Suite DCS system supports an open systems architecture, an extensive set of host connectivity options and interface capabilities for a wide array of data input devices to operate in a wide variety of stand-alone and enterprise-wide data collection and system control applications.

– Data accuracy and timeliness
– Inventory tracking
– Goods Receiving Management
– Invoice, D/Order, P/Order consolidation
– Returns (RMA) & Adjustments
– Serial and lot control
– Accurate Cost Accounting
– Multiple Store Inventory Consolidation
– Supplier/Partner collaboration
– Seamless Uplink/Downlinks
– Price Validation/Checking
– Dynamic Inventory keeping Units
– Device integration
– Comprehensive Reporting

Sales Reports | Master Listings | Document Listing | Stock Take Listings |
Stock Variant Report |Stock Movement Report | Graphs & Charts

Utilize advanced and powerful tools to make smarter decisions. MyRetail Solutions Suite for Total Retail Logistics.