CENTRALIZED MANAMEGENT SYSTEM (CMS) unlocks the true value of enterprise Retail Logistics Management.

MyRetail Solution Suite CMS component is a direct response to the growing number of mid-sized to large stores/chains looking for software to grow as they grow, addressing immediate and future business goals.

Organizations can consolidate and collect information across the chain to provide headquarters complete and accurate control of operational performance. Organizations are able to see, manage, price and control inventory across multiple locations and to make informed decisions based on up-to-date and reliable data.

Unique and powerful parameterized table based configurations allow groupings according to regions, ownership or any preferred criteria. Organizations can control operations from a single point with flexibility afforded to each outlet to function within it’s own it’s own operational domain and constraints.

The nucleus of the business enterprise network that in real time collects, sorts, and transmits demand-chain data to the desktops of decision makers – no more waiting overnight for the transfer of critical information.
– Enterprise-wide control
– Multiple location Costing/Pricing
– Consolidated Supplier – Management
– Cashier Management
– Promotions & Activates Planning
– Enterprise Snapshot View
– Matrix Organizational – Grouping/Control
– Comprehensive Reporting
Sales Reports | Master Listings | Document Listing | Stock Take Listings | Stock Variant Report | Stock Movement Report | Graphs & Charts
– Inventory Control
Multi-tier Stock Levels | User Definable Stock Types | Supplier Control & Management | Real Time Stock Control | Stock Shringakes Management | Multi Location Stock Control | Purchase Orders Management | Controllable Markup/Markdown Control